Ms. Remi Luminous Bonnet Extra Large

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Ms. Remi’s Luminous Bonnet XL: a cosmic blend of style and protection. Luxurious double-layered fabric in a galaxy purple hue, for all hairstyles.

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Ms. Remi Luminous Bonnet Extra Large

Presenting the Ms. Remi Luminous Bonnet in its glorious X-Large size! Dive into a universe where style harmoniously meets function, embodying the pinnacle of hair protection and dazzling design.

This bonnet isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling fabulous around the clock. As the day transitions to night, your hair remains protected under the gentle embrace of this luminescent marvel. Crafted with two sumptuously soft layers, comfort is a guaranteed experience, ensuring your tresses are shielded and nurtured at every moment.

Let’s talk aesthetics. The galaxy purple hue illuminated with rainbow shimmers is inspired by the mystique of the cosmos. The luxury holographic fabric dazzles, reflecting an opulence that is bound to turn heads. Beyond its breathtaking look, its super-jumbo size ensures that all hairstyles, be it buns, braids, or curls, find their perfect sanctuary.

In the world of hair accessories, the Ms. Remi Luminous Bonnet is truly a game-changer. So, why settle when you can adorn your hair with this shimmering crown and embrace elegance every day and night?


Black Pearl, Gold Pearl, Orange Pearl, Pink Pearl, Purple Pearl, White Pearl


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