Ms. Remi Luminous Bonnet Super Jumbo

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Ms. Remi’s Super Jumbo Luminous Bonnet wraps your hair in cosmic elegance. Enjoy spacious comfort and dazzling style in one.

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Ms. Remi Luminous Bonnet Super Jumbo

Introducing the Ms. Remi Luminous Bonnet, now in its majestic Super Jumbo size. Navigate the realms of beauty and convenience as this bonnet effortlessly combines the two, letting you showcase a glamorous aura while ensuring optimum hair protection.

Imagine a haven for your hair, where every strand is enrobed in plush dual layers, pampered with comfort and airiness. The Luminous Bonnet offers just that, ensuring your hair remains untouched by external elements day in and day out. Its breathable construct ensures that while your hair is protected, it isn’t stifled.

Now, let’s bask in its visual grandeur. The galaxy purple, enriched with iridescent rainbow shimmers, brings forth a sense of otherworldly beauty. The luxury holographic fabric isn’t just a design choice; it’s a statement. It declares that while hair protection is vital, there’s no reason it can’t be done stylishly.

Designed to accommodate every hairstyle under the sun, the Super Jumbo size is the versatile choice for every beauty aficionado. With the Ms. Remi Luminous Bonnet, your hair not only feels the luxury; it also radiates it.


Black Pearl, Gold Pearl, Orange Pearl, Pink Pearl, Purple Pearl, White Pearl


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