Ms. Remi Satin Bonnet Large

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Protect and pamper your hair with Ms. Remi’s Large Satin Bonnet, the nightly solution to retain moisture and reduce frizz.

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Ms. Remi Satin Bonnet Large

Introducing Ms. Remi’s Satin Bonnet in Large – a fusion of excellence and meticulous craftsmanship. The satin bonnet from the much-celebrated Ms. Remi brand epitomizes superior hair care and stellar design.

Each bonnet, with its luxurious silky satin fabric, promises a retreat for your hair during the night. The intrinsic properties of satin excel in retaining vital moisture, ensuring that morning hair woes like frizz and tangles are kept at bay. Gone are the days of redoing hairstyles due to night-time disturbances.

One of the bonnet’s standout features is its double lining. Beyond its main purpose of protection, this layer offers a safeguard against the environmental pollutants that threaten to impair hair health. Aesthetically, the eclectic style is a visual delight, enhanced by the bonnet’s wrinkle-free composition.

In the world of nocturnal hair care, Ms. Remi’s Satin Bonnet in Large reigns supreme. Embrace nights filled with serenity, trusting in the unparalleled protection it offers.


Black, Brown, Purple, Red, White, Yellow


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