Ms. Remi Silky Braid & Dreadlocks Closed Cap Extra Long

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Embrace Ms. Remi’s Extra Long Silky Cap, perfect for safeguarding braids and dreadlocks with style, comfort, and a burst of color.

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Ms. Remi Silky Braid & Dreadlocks Closed Cap Extra Long

Step into the realm of protective elegance with Ms. Remi’s Silky Braid & Dreadlocks Closed Cap, meticulously tailored for those who adorn their heads with braids and dreadlocks. This cap isn’t merely a functional garment; it’s an extension of your personal care routine, specifically designed to shield and maintain the beauty of your hairstyle. Additionally, the varied color options serve not just utility but also as a means to reflect your personal flair.

Crafted with care, the cap’s generous construction measures 21 inches in length and 10 inches in width, built to embrace and secure a diverse range of hair volumes and lengths. Moreover, the fabric stands as a testament to comfort, accommodating even the most elaborate braids and dreadlocks without pressure or constriction. Furthermore, the cap’s breathable nature is a nod to the importance of hair health, allowing for continuous airflow that keeps your locks feeling revitalized.

In essence, Ms. Remi’s Silky Braid & Dreadlocks Closed Cap represents the confluence of style and hair care. Whether it’s to preserve your hairstyle’s crispness overnight or to maintain its neatness throughout the day, this cap stands as your ally, faithfully ensuring your braids and dreadlocks are always at their best.


Figaro, Navy Rush, Rainbow Splash, Royal Black


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