Ms. Remi Sleep Cap Large

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Ms. Remi’s Large Sleep Cap ensures your hair’s overnight care with breathable fabric and a comfortable, secure elastic band.

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Ms. Remi Sleep Cap Large

Ms. Remi’s Large Sleep Cap invites you into a world where restorative sleep and hair care blend seamlessly. This cap, a staple from the acclaimed Ms. Remi line, encapsulates the brand’s commitment to combining exceptional quality with thoughtful design. Designed with your hair’s needs in mind, every element of the sleep cap provides a protective cocoon that maintains style and moisture throughout the night.

Breathable fabric is key to the cap’s design, allowing for air circulation while preserving the natural hydration of your hair, warding off dryness and brittleness. The cap’s generous size ideally accommodates a wide array of hair volumes, lengths, and styles, ensuring that it neatly tucks away every strand.

The inclusion of gentle yet secure elastic bands ensures a snug fit, adapting to your head without causing tension or discomfort. This detail is crucial for a cap that stays in place, providing consistent protection without the risk of slipping off as you sleep.

Ms. Remi’s Sleep Cap Large guarantees restful nights with the assurance of maintaining healthy, hydrated, and perfectly styled hair, ready to face the day ahead with confidence and ease.


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