Ms. Remi Sleep Cap XL

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Embrace nightly hair care with Ms. Remi’s XL Sleep Cap, designed for ultimate protection and a refreshed morning look.

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Ms. Remi Sleep Cap XL

Ms. Remi’s Extra Large Sleep Cap ushers in a new era of hair care for the night. This oversized haven is meticulously designed by the brand that has set the gold standard in hair protection, providing ample room for those blessed with voluminous hair. A seamless blend of style and functionality, this cap is the embodiment of tender, loving care for your locks throughout the night.

Tailored with premium breathable fabric, the cap provides a nurturing environment for your hair. Its generous size comfortably accommodates all hair types, especially those with larger hairstyles or long tresses, without compromising the cap’s secure hold. The elastic band offers a custom fit, gently enclosing your hair to prevent tangles and minimize friction, all while promoting a restful night’s sleep.

With Ms. Remi’s Sleep Cap XL, gone are the worries of hair damage from cotton pillowcases. Instead, it offers a sanctuary where your hair can retain its moisture and style integrity. As you slumber, your hair receives the ultimate care, allowing you to wake up to a morning with locks as refreshed and revitalized as you are.


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