Ms. Remi Tie Dye Silky Satin Bonnet Extra Large

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Embrace vibrancy with Ms. Remi’s Tie Dye Bonnet. Dual satin layers offer unmatched hair protection. Elastic headband ensures a perfect fit. Multiple shades available.

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Ms. Remi Tie Dye Silky Satin Bonnet Extra Large

Dive into the vivacious world of color and care with Ms. Remi’s Tie Dye Silky Satin Bonnet in Extra Large. Annie presents this masterpiece that’s a delightful amalgamation of spirited tie-dye artistry and functionality. This bonnet, adorned with dynamic patterns, is crafted for those who wear their heart on their sleeve and their style on their head.

The bonnet’s inner sanctum, built with a double layer of silky satin, offers unparalleled protection. This unique dual-layer ensures that while your hair basks in softness, it remains shielded from potential external aggressors. Every strand, every curl is gently cocooned, retaining its inherent luster. Designed with modernity at its core, the incorporated elastic headband promises not only comfort but also an unwavering grip. No more midnight adjustments; this bonnet stays put.

But it’s not just about protection and comfort. The color spectrum it offers is nothing short of a visual treat. Ranging from the mystic Black Bronze to the spirited Rainbow, there’s a shade to resonate with every personality. And if size matters, the Super Jumbo variant awaits. Ms. Remi’s Tie Dye Bonnet: where flair meets function.


Black Bronze, Purple Navy, Rainbow, Red Pink


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