Ms. Remi Tie Dye Silky Satin Bonnet Super Jumbo

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Annie’s Ms. Remi Bonnet brings tie-dye back, offering a stylish, protective satin shield for your hair in a range of expressive colors.

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Ms. Remi Tie Dye Silky Satin Bonnet Super Jumbo

Experience a renaissance of style with Annie’s Ms. Remi Tie Dye Silky Satin Bonnet, now in Super Jumbo size, perfectly tailored for those who crave both flair and functionality. Embrace a fusion of tradition and trend as the timeless tie-dye pattern is reborn, ready to elevate your nightly hair protection ritual.

Dive into a kaleidoscope of color choices. We guarantee you will find a hue tailored to your unique personality, whether that be the warmth of Red Pink, the depth of Purple Navy, the vibrancy of Rainbow, or the sophistication of Black Bronze. This assortment ensures that every evening becomes an opportunity to express yourself.

Prioritizing your hair’s health, this bonnet boasts a dual silky layer, diligently promoting comprehensive care for your locks. The ultra-comfortable headband, fortified with an internal elastic band, ensures a snug yet gentle fit. Revel in the unmatched combination of immense breathability paired with undeniable comfort.

With Annie’s Ms. Remi, not only does your hair enjoy the pampering it deserves, but you also bask in the liberty of choice and the luxury of quality.


Black Bronze, Purple Navy, Rainbow, Red Pink


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