Ms. Remi Vivid Silky Satin Bonnet Extra Large

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Ms. Remi’s Extra Large Bonnet: a blend of style and protection. Featuring a holographic sheen, silky fabric, and a breathable design. Secure, chic, and nurturing for all hair types.

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Ms. Remi Vivid Silky Satin Bonnet Extra Large

Introducing the epitome of nighttime elegance: the Ms. Remi Vivid Silky Satin Bonnet in Extra Large. This is where opulent style merges with the uncompromising protection, presenting a luxurious accessory designed to elevate your nightly hair care ritual.

When we speak of beauty sleep, it’s no longer just a figure of speech. The bonnet, in its luminous holographic sheen, radiates elegance, ensuring you look glamorous even as you drift into slumber. Beyond its visual allure, the heart of this bonnet lies in its craftsmanship. Constructed from the finest silky material, it envelopes your hair with tenderness and care. Be it intricate braids, extensions, or natural cascades, the Super Jumbo size has the capacity to house them all, maintaining their style and combatting frizz.

Yet, it’s more than just a protective shield. The breathable fabric guarantees optimal air flow, keeping your scalp refreshed and free from excess moisture. Complemented by a gentle band, it ensures a snug fit without constriction. With Ms. Remi’s Vivid Bonnet, mornings greet you with hair that mirrors the bonnet’s vibrancy.


Platinum Leopard, Platinum Pink, Platinum Purple, Platinum Red, Platinum White, Platinum Zebra


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