Murray’s Edgewax Extreme Hold

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Murray’s Edgewax Extreme Hold combines premium gel and Australian beeswax for high shine and maximum hold. Soft yet powerful, it’s your key to effortless, long-lasting hairstyling. Comes in a 4oz. jar.

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Murray’s Edgewax Extreme Hold

Take your hairstyling game to the next level with Murray’s Edgewax Extreme Hold, a fusion of premium gel and the extraordinary holding power of Australian beeswax. This remarkable product isn’t just your typical hair styling solution; it’s the key to effortlessly achieving an impeccable look.

At its core, Edgewax combines the brilliance of premium gel with the exceptional hold of Australian beeswax, providing a high-shine finish and maximum hold that lasts all day. Bid farewell to flaking and say hello to hair that remains in place, no matter how demanding the day ahead may be.

What distinguishes this product is its versatility. It possesses the strength to tackle even the most challenging areas, ensuring that every strand of hair remains precisely where you desire it. Moreover, it boasts remarkable softness, making application effortless and hassle-free.

The added wax in this formula grants you even more hold and control, enabling you to sculpt your hair to perfection. Whether you’re crafting intricate hairstyles or simply seeking a reliable product to maintain your hair’s best appearance, Edgewax delivers undeniable results.

Furthermore, each jar contains 4 ounces of this exceptional hair product, providing you with an abundance of styling power to unleash your creativity. Embrace the high shine, maximum hold, and flake-free formula that Edgewax offers, and enjoy the ease of consistently achieving your desired look.


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