Red by Kiss Wrap Strip Ultra Strong-44 Strips

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Red by Kiss Wrap Strip: Ultra-strong, 44 strips with 2X stretch, lab-tested for durability, ideal for molded styles and laying edges.

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Red by Kiss Wrap Strip Ultra Strong

Red by Kiss Wrap Strip Ultra Strong, a pack of 44 strips, is a groundbreaking product in hair styling, designed to offer superior strength and versatility. Engineered for ultra-strength, these strips endure both wet and dry conditions without breaking. This makes them an ideal choice for a variety of hair styling needs, including molded hairstyles and achieving perfectly laid edges.

One of the key features of these strips is their 2X longer stretch capability. This enhanced elasticity allows for a snug and comfortable fit around the head, accommodating various sizes and shapes with ease. The strips’ ability to stretch further without tearing is particularly beneficial for securing hairstyles in place while they set.

The Red by Kiss Wrap Strip has earned its distinction as the #1 Lab-Test Proven wrap strip for its strongest quality in both wet and dry conditions, being 10% more break-resistant than standard wrap strips. At 2.5 inches, these strips size perfectly for effective use in various hair styling applications. Whether you’re looking to maintain a sleek hairstyle, set waves, or lay down edges, these wrap strips provide the strength and flexibility needed for flawless results.


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