RED Premium Elastic Wig Band

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RED’s Elastic Wig Band ensures a seamless wig fit, with adjustable Velcro and a gentle yet firm hold in various shades.

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RED Premium Elastic Wig Band

The RED Premium Elastic Wig Band is a revolution in wig styling, offering unparalleled comfort and seamless integration. This meticulously designed band is the solution for those seeking a flawless, natural-looking wig fit. It’s a game-changer in the world of lace frontals and wig hairpieces, ensuring that every wear is a step closer to perfection.

Available in two sizes, the regular 1 1/8″ and the wider 1 3/4″, this elastic band strikes the perfect balance between firm support and gentle pressure. It’s crafted to be soft and stretchy, prioritizing your comfort. The band conforms to your head’s shape, ensuring there are no tight spots that can cause discomfort or leave marks. The adjustable Velcro fastening system is a key feature, allowing for a customized, secure fit that keeps your wig exactly where it should be.

Matching the band to your wig or hairpiece is effortless, thanks to the variety of shades available. The ease of putting it on and taking it off is especially beneficial for those with dynamic lifestyles. The band aids in laying down edges and keeping baby hairs in place, contributing to a more natural and sophisticated wig appearance.


Black, Brown


1 1/8", 1 3/4"


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