Robert’s Diamond Bond Protective Shield – Transparent


Robert’s Diamond Bond Shield: A transparent protective barrier for hair and scalp, safeguarding against glue damage with its specialized formula.

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Robert’s Diamond Bond Protective Shield – Transparent

Robert’s Diamond Bond Protective Shield in Transparent revolutionizes hair and scalp protection during styling, especially when using hair glue. This protective shield forms an impermeable barrier, actively safeguarding your natural locks and scalp from any potential adhesive damage.

For optimal results with this product, start by shampooing and towel-drying your hair before application. This step ensures the shield adheres properly and offers maximum protection.

The shield’s formulation blends carefully selected ingredients, including water, SD alcohol, Provvinyl alcohol, PEG-4, and Diazolidinyl Urea. These ingredients synergistically create a strong yet safe barrier. Additionally, Propylparaben preserves the shield’s integrity, while Parfum adds a pleasant scent. The presence of Hexylcinnamyl and Butylphenyl in the formula further bolsters the shield’s protective capabilities.

Perfect for frequent hair glue users, this transparent shield not only protects but also upholds the health and integrity of your natural hair and scalp.


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