SalonPro 30 Second Super Hair Bond Glue


SalonPro Hair Bond Glue: Fast-drying, anti-fungal formula for strong, reliable bonding of weaves and braids, suitable for all hair types.

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SalonPro 30 Second Super Hair Bond Glue

SalonPro 30 Second Super Hair Bond Glue revolutionizes the hair styling routine for those who value both efficiency and quality. This high-performance glue features an anti-fungal formula, ensuring not only a strong bond but also a healthy scalp environment. Drying in a mere 30 seconds, it streamlines the process of attaching wefted hair extensions or weaves directly to the scalp, saving you time without compromising on hold.

This versatile glue works for more than just weaves. It’s equally effective for braiding, offering a reliable hold for both synthetic and human hair extensions. Its quick-drying nature means less waiting and more styling, ideal for fast-paced salon environments or for personal use at home. The strength of the bond is impressive, providing a secure attachment that lasts, yet it’s gentle enough not to damage natural hair or irritate the scalp.

The SalonPro 30 Second Super Hair Bond Glue is a game-changer for hair extension enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you’re creating intricate braided styles or applying lengthy weaves, this glue ensures your hair remains flawlessly styled, holding everything securely in place with no hassle.


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