Sassi Clear Salon Eyelash Glue

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Sassi Clear Salon Eyelash Glue offers quick-drying, waterproof, and durable hold for your lashes. Enriched with natural extracts and anti-fungal properties, it ensures both beauty and eye health.

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Sassi Clear Salon Eyelash Glue

Elevate your eyelash game to new heights with Sassi Clear Salon Eyelash Glue. This exceptional lash adhesive is more than just a glue; it’s a powerhouse of features that will redefine your lash experience.

Our salon-quality eyelash glue doesn’t just hold your lashes in place; it’s also fortified with anti-fungal properties to ensure the health of your eyes. You can wear your lashes with confidence, knowing that your eye health is a top priority.

Enriched with natural extracts, this adhesive takes care of your delicate eye area. It’s a fusion of beauty and wellness, providing a gentle touch to your skin while ensuring your lashes stay put.

One of the standout features of this eyelash glue is its quick-drying ability. No more waiting around for your lashes to set; this glue gets the job done swiftly, so you can flaunt your fabulous lashes without delay.

Not only is it quick-drying, but it’s also waterproof and incredibly durable. Your lashes will stay perfectly in place, even when faced with moisture or humidity. The holding power of this adhesive is unmatched, allowing you to enjoy long-lasting, stunning lash looks.

To use, simply shake well before application, then follow our easy instructions for flawless lash attachment. Grab your false lash, dip the base into the adhesive, and place it on the base of your natural lashes. Hold for a few seconds to let the glue set, and you’re ready to conquer the day with mesmerizing lashes.


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