Sensationnel 12A Straight 100% HH HD Lace Wig


Sensationnel 12A Straight Wig: Impeccable straight style with HD lace. Offering ear to ear parting and unmatched versatility, it’s your stylistic companion, ready for personalization. Simple care routine included.

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Sensationnel 12A Straight 100% HH HD Lace Wig

Elevate your style with the Sensationnel 12A Straight 100% HH HD Lace Wig, where elegance intertwines seamlessly with unparalleled quality, providing a strikingly straight style softly cascading in delicate layers. The impeccable HD Lace not only promises but delivers a natural appearance, with deep hand-tied parting that gently whispers sophistication without necessitating any leave-out. Tailored to be an impeccable choice for protective styles, this wig doesn’t simply adorn you; it becomes a part of your stylistic expression, a silent partner in your aesthetic journey.

With an open canvas of various styling options, this wig invites you to bleach, perm, or dye, crafting personalized colors that not only suit your mood but become an echo of it. Navigate through your stylistic journey with confidence, as this wig ensures that your unique colors don’t just shine but resonate, becoming a symphony of style, quality, and personalized aesthetic expression. Your care routines, both before and after weave, are harmoniously simple, ensuring the wig does not demand but rather, gently requests your attention.

Before Weave Care:

  • Detangle hair bundles using a paddle brush.
  • Dip hair in lukewarm water and scrunch hair from the bottom.
  • Repeat above steps to activate the curls.
  • Open up the weft and hang the hair to air-dry.
  • Apply a small amount of hair serum or hair lotion, as needed.

After Weave Care:

  • Detangle the hair using a paddle brush.
  • Separate your hair into sections, and spray water on each section from the roots until damp.
  • Scrunch hair and repeat the process throughout the whole head.
  • Let hair air-dry or use blow-dry with a diffuser using cold air and continue to scrunch the hair until fully dry.
  • Apply a small amount of hair serum or hair lotion, as needed.

With ear to ear lace and deep hand-tied parting, this wig offers versatility and convenience. Whether you desire a sleek look or want to explore various styles, the Sensationnel 12A Straight Wig is a perfect addition to your beauty arsenal.


16", 18", 20", 22", 24"


Natural, Natural Black


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