Sensationnel 3X RUWA Water Wave 18″

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The Sensationnel RUWA Water Wave 18″ offers a water-repellent, fast-drying solution with lightweight softness. Pre-stretched for convenience and designed for active lives, it ensures a natural, elegant style with ease.

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Sensationnel 3X RUWA Water Wave 18″

Introducing the groundbreaking Sensationnel 3X RUWA Water Wave 18″ from the prestigious African Collection. Immerse yourself in the innovation of AQUATEX® fiber, crafted by Kanekalon®, that revolutionizes your hair experience. RUWA® braid, synonymous with style and functionality, is the ideal match for those who lead an on-the-go lifestyle and do not wish to compromise on elegance.

The advanced hydrophobic coating on RUWA® braid repels water, making these braids a game-changer for active individuals. You can maintain freshness with regular shampooing without the worry of prolonged drying times, especially beneficial after setting your style with hot water. Not only is RUWA® braid practical, but it also ensures that your hair remains lightweight and supremely soft, offering comfort that lasts all day.

RUWA® braids stand out with their pre-stretched hair, which significantly reduces preparation time and culminates in a naturally sleek, finished style. The pre-layered texture adds to the authenticity, giving you a salon-fresh look effortlessly. These braids are not just an accessory but a testament to innovation in hair care, promising to keep pace with your dynamic life.



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