Sensationnel 3X X-Pression 58″ Pre-Stretched Synthetic Braiding Hair

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Sensationnel’s 3X X-Pression 58″ offers pre-stretched, flame-retardant Kanekalon fibers for a stylish, safe, and convenient braiding experience.

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Sensationnel 3X X-Pression 58″ Pre-Stretched Synthetic Braiding Hair

SensationnelĀ® proudly presents the XpressionĀ® from the esteemed African Collection, a tribute to the diverse culture and profound richness of Africa. Delving deep into the roots of the continent, this collection offers not just braiding hair but a tapestry of artistry, tradition, and modern flair.

Stretching to an elegant 58 inches, these braids resonate with authenticity and innovation. The X-Pression braids come pre-stretched, reducing your preparation time, letting you dive straight into crafting your desired style. Each package thoughtfully encloses three bundles, ensuring ample volume and depth to your braids.

But what truly sets these braids apart is the 100% premium Kanekalon fiber, synonymous with safety. Its flame-retardant feature ensures an added layer of protection, granting you peace of mind. Coupled with a light and soft touch, these braids feel as good as they look. They’re not only tailored for aesthetics but also convenience. The hot water set capability and pre-layered design ensure a seamlessly natural, finished style. With Sensationnel’s 3X X-Pression, you’re not just donning braids, but a legacy.Cover IconsFeaturesLengths availableColors

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