SHIMMER LIGHTS™ Blonde & Silver Shampoo


SHIMMER LIGHTS™ refreshes and tones blonde and silver hair, targeting brassiness with its protein-enriched, purple toning formula.

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SHIMMER LIGHTS™ Blonde & Silver Shampoo

Elevate the brilliance and purity of blonde, gray, or silver locks with the revolutionary SHIMMER LIGHTS™ Blonde & Silver Shampoo. Crafted with meticulous precision, this shampoo emerges as the guardian against dullness and unwanted undertones in your luminous hair.

Harnessing the power of protein enrichment, each wash not only cleanses but also strengthens every strand, lending resilience and vibrancy. Its unique purple formula diligently works to neutralize any brassy or yellow tones, restoring the pristine beauty of your tresses. Whether your hair is naturally radiant or enhanced through color treatments, this shampoo caters to all with equal finesse.

Beyond its toning prowess, what truly sets this shampoo apart is its instantaneous results. Witness a transformation from the very first use as your hair absorbs its essence, revealing a shade truer to its original brilliance. Because of its exceptional performance, it’s no surprise that aficionados have celebrated and awarded Shimmer Lights Shampoo with accolades.

Trust in SHIMMER LIGHTS™ Blonde & Silver Shampoo to be the beacon of excellence, guiding your hair to its authentic, radiant hue.Shimmer Lights ShampooShimmer Lights hair colorShimmer Lights KV


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