SoftSheen Carson StaSofFro Hair & Scalp Spray

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SoftSheen Carson StaSofFro Hair & Scalp Spray is a testament to over a century of beauty expertise, providing tailored care for hair and scalp, celebrating diverse styles with confidence.

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SoftSheen Carson StaSofFro Hair & Scalp Spray

Discover the excellence of SoftSheen Carson StaSofFro Hair & Scalp Spray, a product that reflects over a century of dedication to providing beauty solutions tailored for individuals of African descent. For more than 110 years, Softsheen-Carson has been at the forefront, delivering innovative, superior products and services to meet the unique needs and styles of people of color.

The powerful vision of Softsheen and Carson was clear: to empower individuals of African descent to embrace their distinct, highly individual appearances and express their styles with confidence. This commitment to celebrating diversity and enhancing beauty through specially designed products continues to define Softsheen-Carson’s legacy.

Our extensive and diverse portfolio of brands combines rich heritage with cutting-edge innovation, setting us apart in the beauty industry. We leverage our deep scientific expertise to consistently elevate our products, exceeding industry standards and ensuring they are among the safest and most effective beauty solutions available to our valued consumers.

Experience the legacy of SoftSheen Carson StaSofFro Hair & Scalp Spray—a testament to our enduring dedication to enhancing your beauty journey.


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