SuperNail Pure Acetone Polish Remover

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SuperNail Acetone Remover: 100% pure acetone for effective removal of acrylics, gel polish, wraps, and nail polish, gentle and easy to use.

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SuperNail Pure Acetone Polish Remover

SuperNail Pure Acetone Polish Remover is a highly effective solution designed for quick and effortless removal of various nail products. Ideal for both salon settings and at-home manicures, this 100% pure acetone remover is essential for maintaining clean and well-maintained nails.

The product’s standout feature is its pure acetone formulation, known for its potency and efficiency in breaking down and removing nail products. This makes it excellent for dealing with tougher nail applications such as acrylics, gel polish, and nail wraps, in addition to regular nail polish. Its effectiveness ensures a clean slate for your next manicure or nail treatment.

Despite its strength, SuperNail Pure Acetone Polish Remover remains gentle on the nails. Its clear coloring means it won’t stain your nails or surrounding skin, maintaining the natural look and integrity of your nails.

Using this remover is straightforward. For nail polish, saturate a cotton pad or nail wipe with acetone, press onto the nail, and wipe clean. To remove nail wraps or gel polish, soak for 10-15 minutes, then gently push off any remaining product. Finally for acrylics, soak and file until removal, with professional use recommended for the best results.

SuperNail Pure Acetone Polish Remover offers an efficient, easy-to-use solution for all your nail polish removal needs, making it a valuable addition to any nail care routine.


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