The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Active Reloaded

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The Hair Diagram’s BOLD HOLD ACTIVE┬« Reloaded offers a strong, odorless bond, resistant to humidity and heat for hair systems.

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The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Active Reloaded

Empower your styling routine with the BOLD HOLD ACTIVE® Reloaded adhesive. Crafted by the experts at The Hair Diagram®, this revolutionary water-based adhesive is both non-toxic and potent, designed to secure your hair systems and units seamlessly for a remarkable 2-3 weeks.

The meticulous formula behind BOLD HOLD ACTIVE® Reloaded stands out in many respects. First, its odorless nature ensures application is a breeze, free from any unsettling fragrances. Furthermore, it possesses a unique resilience against humidity and maintains its integrity even in high temperatures. Application showcases its transformative capability as it applies white but settles into an invisible layer, ensuring an undetectable bond. Excessive oiliness or high activity levels? No concerns there. This adhesive is engineered specifically for such challenges, delivering an impeccable hold.

Yet, its commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at performance. The adhesive remains gentle, omitting latex and other potential irritants, to offer a superior bond that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the lace or your edges. However, its potency is best reserved for those with normal skin, and prior application of Bold Hold Skin Protect┬« is recommended for optimal results.1235


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