TouchUps Slouch Socks

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Experience unparalleled comfort with TOUCHUPS Slouch Socks, meticulously crafted from 100% premium cotton, ensuring flexibility, durability, and a hypoallergenic, soft embrace for happy, pampered feet with every step.

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TouchUps Slouch Socks

Step into a world where comfort elegantly intertwines with style – introducing TOUCHUPS Slouch Socks, the epitome of premium craftsmanship in foot apparel. Woven with 100% select cotton, these socks stand as a testament to what transpires when superior material greets exemplary design. Remarkably unisex in their structure, they cater seamlessly to children, women, and men, ensuring every member of the family can indulge in lavish comfort.

With a lightweight, scrunchable design, these socks embrace your feet, delivering flexibility and adaptability in every step. They effortlessly stretch, accommodating and encasing your feet without imposing limits on movement. Craftsmen intricately stitch each pair with reinforcement and cushioning in paramount areas. The heels boast added durability to champion through wear and tear, affirming a longevity that will steadfastly stand the tests of time and adventure, while the understated cushioning beneath cradles every step in a gentle, comforting hold.

But the elegance of TOUCHUPS Slouch Socks doesn’t end there. Tailored to be hypoallergenic, their gentle touch is tender on your skin, mitigating irritation and enhancing overall comfort. A day adorned with TOUCHUPS pampers your feet genuinely, not just clothing them, and celebrates each step with joyous, unparalleled comfort.

Weight2 oz
Dimensions12 × 3.5 × 0.5 in

Black, White, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Blue, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Lavender, Red, Green, Purple, Hot Pink, Rainbow 1, Rainbow 2, Rainbow 3


6-8, 9-11


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